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Moderators- Shelly Terrell, Michelle Worgan, Rosmery Ribera, Walton Burns, and Sylvia Guinan


Click on any of these links to quickly visit that mission:


Wk 2 Recommended Reading- http://ebookevo.pbworks.com/Wk%202%20Readings%20and%20Resources 

*choose only a few of these resources to investigate



Week 2 Objectives


During the second week, you will:


  • evaluate the current content in your textbooks

  • evaluate various ebook designs to determine how you want to design your e-textbook

  • decide what you would like to include in your e-textbooks

  • map out the content you have to cover in your curriculum

  • outline your e-textbooks

  • evaluate your peers' outlines and provide feedback

  • discover basic design elements and tips from experienced authors

  • attend a live online session with moderators



Week 2 Missions


Mission 1, Days 1-3: Ebook Design Presentations

1st. Evaluate various ebook designs to determine how you want to design your e-textbooks. Check out this Listly board for recommended places to evaluate ebooks. Consider using this rubric when evaluating ebook designs.


2nd. Create a presentation pointing out the design elements and tasks you enjoyed in various ebooks. Include screenshots in which you point out the elements and give a reason. Check out this Listly board for recommended presentation tools. Here are example presentations from some of our participants who have jumped ahead: http://list.ly/list/DbM-ebook-design-presentations


3rd. Post your presentations to the Google Community in the Wk 2 thread and Listly board. Use the hashtag #Wk2EbookPresentation


4th. Comment on your peers' presentations.



Mission 2, Days 1-3: Create an outline for your e-textbook


1st.  For this mission, you will need to have a copy of your curriculum and/or textbook Table of Contents. Based on these outlines, create a basic outline/skeleton of what information and topics you'd like to include in your e-textbook. We recommend Google Docs for this mission, but feel free to use another tool as long as this is posted online for peers to view. 


2nd. Post your textbook outline to the Google Community in the Wk 2 thread for feedback. Use the hashtag #Wk2EbookOutline


3rd. Comment on your peers' outlines.



Mission 3, Days 2-5: Participate in a discussion about visual design


  • Check out these resources about visual design. Choose at least 3 to investigate. 

  • In the Wk 2 thread, answer any or all of these reflection questions. Use the hashtag #Wk2EbookDiscussion:

    • Which visual elements do you think are important for your learners specifically? Why?

    • What are your thoughts about the future of textbooks?

    • How do you believe digital textbooks should be designed to best match learners’ needs?

  • Comment on your peers’ answers.


Mission 4, Day 6: Attend our Live Online Session

Each week your moderators will provide highlights, provide tips, and share your work in Google HangOuts. Sessions will be recorded, and the recordings shared on Youtube, in case you can't attend. 


Time & Date: Sunday, January 24th, 10amET/3pmUTC Check your time zone here, http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=%23EbookEVO+Wk2+HangOut&iso=20160124T15&p1=1440&ah=1  


Live Session URL: http://ebookevo.pbworks.com/w/page/70379800/hangouts





Did you....


  • Evaluate various ebook designs and tell us about the ones you'd like to include in your e-textbook?
  • Turn in your session and or curriculum outline and turn in your ebook outline?
  • Contribute to the discussion about visual design? 
  • Attend the live HangOut session with moderators or catch the recording?



Wk 2 Readings and Resources




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